Savor the flavor at Star Fusion

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(Howdy! I’m slowly catching up after being away for a while. Here’s one update on what I’ve been up to…)

I visited Star Fusion restaurant for lunch yesterday. I’ve wanted to get there for a while now and I’m glad I finally did. Nestled in the heart of the St. Joseph University campus, this is a GREAT little Philly find!

FOOD – Asian, American, and Caribbean cuisine

Oh man! The food is fantastic! Owner Darlene A. Jones and Chef Larry offer a savory combo of Asian cuisine – like pot stickers – and American classics like wings and fries. (Caribbean selections are also available but we didn’t order those; next trip!)

We ordered several appetizers, including chicken teriyaki pot stickers with ginger, the crab cake, gourmet Brussel sprouts, fries (plain and sprinkled with parmesan cheese), and brown rice with kimchi topped with egg. We all got to sample some of everything.

I wanted to inhale the crab cake! I could have lived on the chicken teriyaki and the fries were deadly – say good-bye to your diet, because they are irresistible! Check out the Star Fusion menu and BYOB.

PRICE – Boutique dining at budget-friendly prices

This will become your go-to spot for lunch. You can afford to treat yourself when you come here. Almost every appetizer was affordably priced you get a lot.You won’t want to miss out on their $5 fusiontizers Tuesday – Friday 12pm – 4 pm.

ATMOSPHERE –  Laid-back vibe and lots of light

This is a little treasure hiding just off of City Avenue and 63rd Street.  For those of you who fondly recall the Crimson Moon coffee shop that used to live at 20th and Sansom streets in downtown Philly, it has the same laid back vibe. You can feel the stress melting off you as soon as you walk in the door.

From the red, white and black décor, the classic R&B Pandora playlist, and friendly staff (Server Noah is your on-site music expert), you’ll definitely want to add this to your hang-out list. Drop in, order great food, soak in the great atmosphere and STAY. And yes, there is Wi-Fi.


Oh and they deliver through Uber Eats! So give them a call at 215-879-1108. You can also order take-out or make reservations to dine in. Bring your own bottle (BYOB). They also cater.

Terri L. Heard is a former TV Guide writer and assignment editor who lives and writes in Philadelphia, PA. 


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Terri L. Heard is a web content writer and former TV Guide writer and assignment editor who lives and writes in Philadelphia, PA. In addition to being the web administrator and content manager for the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards, she is currently working on completing the manuscript on what she hopes will be her debut romance novel, Black Ice. Visit her online portfolio at

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