Tubman on the $20? Good! But while we’re at it…

25 King Bill_Front_04-20-16_C

Let’s put Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on a $25 bill!

Why not?

  1. Nobody would get bumped from a bill – Because we don’t currently have a $25 bill. This was my original rationale. Now of course with the Treasury’s announcement that Harriet Tubman will bump Andrew Jackson from the front of the $20 bill, the point is moot.
  2. It would be a reminder of how Black folks built the land of the free while in chains – This country sucked its wealth from the sweat on slaves’ backs (after they conveniently murdered the Native Americans and pushed them off their land; but that’s a point for another article). But the Confederacy used the image of slaves on its currency to promote its belief in their so-called “right” to subjugate human beings, so I don’t want to use such an image. I’d love to have an engraving of a Black Civil War regiment (and maybe I’ll add that to the back). But, rightly or wrongly, Martin Luther King Jr.’s image has come to stand for the entire 1960s Civil Rights Era that was pivotal to expanding African Americans’ access to justice and economic opportunity. So King it is.
  3. It’s a strong statement that the income inequality HAS to go – King stood for equal rights for all men – Black, white and everyone in between. Wall Street stands for anything but. Forcing folks to handle cash that has the face of a Black man whose legacy is as great and iconic as any face on Mt. Rushmore would go a long way toward driving that point home.
  4. He is an authentic Founding Father – Okay you can argue the point, but to ME the 1960s Civil Rights Movement was a third (albeit incomplete) revolution after the second revolution of the Civil War that ended slavery. That makes King a modern-era Founding Father to me.
  5. He has a Federal holiday named for him, a statue near the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and a national historic site in Atlanta, GA – What more does he need? The $25 King bill would put the icing on the cake. No, he never held public office, but neither did Martha Washington and she was on a silver certificate ages ago.  Come on, let’s complete the trifecta and make it official

Terri L. Heard is a former TV Guide writer and assignment editor who lives and writes in Philadelphia, PA She is currently working on a feature-length screenplay, “Game Change,” which combines James Brown’s “The Big Payback” with the 2015 film “The Big Short.” Visit her online portfolio at www.tlheard.weebly.com.


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Terri L. Heard is a web content writer and former TV Guide writer and assignment editor who lives and writes in Philadelphia, PA. In addition to being the web administrator and content manager for the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards, she is currently working on completing the manuscript on what she hopes will be her debut romance novel, Black Ice. Visit her online portfolio at www.terriheard.com.

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