Two Cool Cats & A Kitten!

Actor-comedian Jordan Peele, writer Terri L. Heard, rapper Method Man
Actor-comedian Jordan Peele (left) and rapper Method Man (right) pose with writer Terri L. Heard during a promo stop for the comedy-action film “Keanu.” Heard interviewed them at Le Cat Café in Philadelphia (4/11/16).

Actor-comedian Jordan Peele and rapper Method Man stopped by Le Cat Café in Brewerytown (2713 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19130) to do press and promo for the upcoming film, “Keanu,” which opens April 29. Look for my write-up on Tinsel & Tine around April 25.

“Keanu” is the action-packed adventure of two average Joes braving LA gangs to rescue a stolen kitten, Keanu. It’s a hilarious take off of the Keanu Reeves action thriller “John Wick” in which Reeves played it straight as a man seeking vengeance for the death of his puppy.

Le Cat Café is a recently opened cat adoption service. Patrons can come in and get to know multiple felines before deciding which one to adopt. Activities include cats and mats yoga and cat Pilates. They are open Tuesday – Thursday, 12 noon to 6 pm; Friday – Saturday, 12-7 pm; and Sunday 12-6 pm. Call 267-800-PURR (7877) for more information.

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Terri L. Heard is a former TV Guide writer and assignment editor who lives and writes in Philadelphia, PA. She is currently working on a feature-length screenplay, “Game Change,” which combines James Brown’s “The Big Payback” with the 2015 film “The Big Short.” Visit her online portfolio at


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